Accessing Pacifica’s Membership List

Under the California Corporations Code, members may request lists and have done so in the past to communicate to members about their local station delegate elections. In the past candidates have chosen mailing houses have been provided membership lists after signing NDA agreements indicating how membership lists may be used for campaign mailings (both e-campaigns and hard copy mailings).

In order to prevent misuse of lists, Pacifica will manage list access by contracting out to one non partisan company for the purposes of sending out e-campaigns and mailings.

  • The sending of individual e-campaign will be limited to 1 per member or 1 per group of members for the duration of the election cycle.
  • E-campaigns will be sent out starting August 2024
  • The sending of e-campaigns is TBD
  • Once e-campaigns are fully paid for and finally approved by the requesting group or individual then they enter into the pool of e-campaigns that are eligible to be sent out on the first available date.
  • For full transparency of processes, the ordering of e-campaigns will be randomly assigned. The randomization process will be done in realtime and publicly viewable.
  • The sending of hard copy mailings price will vary based on content and quantity.

For a full description of the California Corporations Code and members’ use of mailing lists please visit this link: Rights of Inspection

Membership list access request form (to be live starting August 1, 2024).