2019 Election Cycle
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% Voted 101519 (2PM PST)
KPFA Listener 1,967 14328 13.7
KPFA Staff 101 237 42.6
KPFK Listener 1357 13250 10.2
KPFK Staff 70 284 1 24.6
KPFT Listener 443 3569 12.4
KPFT Staff 41 139 29.5
WBAI Listener 972 8240 11.8
WBAI Staff 75 199 37.7
WPFW Listener 682 6292 10.8
WPFW Staff 46 109 42.2
Please look out for yours from Simply Voting – our secure election balloting vendor – e-ballot from vote@simplyvoting.com, subject “Pacifica Elections”.
Despite our best efforts, ballot mailings sometimes land in spam folders, so make sure to look there first if you are unable to locate your e-ballot. 

We can no longer issue paper ballots (deadline October 7th). 

Ballot requests must be received by October 15th at 12 PM EST / 3 PM PST in order to be fulfilled in time for people to vote.

All ballots must be received by October 15th, 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST in order to be counted.


Candidate Information

Please use the right-hand menu to view candidate statements. The lists are broken out by station call letters and by category.

Note that listener members can only vote for listener candidates and staff members can only vote for staff candidates.

Some candidates have recorded video statements as well as providing written statements and you may view those by clicking on their profiles.

Some stations also have recorded conversational forums with groups of candidates and you may view those by clicking on the link in the right hand menu for the forum you wish to view. 


Voter Guides

New for 2019, we have created voter guides. So if you are feeling confused or have never participated in a Pacifica election before, please download one for a quick and easy review of our grassroots democratic process for selecting our local boards.


Fair Election Complaints

Any concerns about the election rules will be addressed by the election supervisor after the submission of a complaint form. Please note that the only way to guarantee a response is to fill out the form, which you can find in the right hand menu. 

Formal responses will be generated no later than 15 days after a complaint and will be posted on this website.


Important Dates

August 15 Balloting Phase Begins

October 15 Balloting Phase Closes

Nov 1 Results Announced



Contact the National Election Supervisor:

Email nes@pacifica.org or  (510) 854-9663 (to leave a voice mail message)