Membership Eligibility

Listener Member Eligibility

To check your eligibility, contact your station’s membership department. The national election supervisor cannot add you to the list of voting members as she receives these lists from the stations and does not have the authority to add members to the voter roll.

  1. If you are a listener member you are eligible if you donated a minimum of $25 between July 1 2022 and June 30th 2023 to your station or if you completed at least 3 hours of eligible volunteer work.
  2. Second household members. If you are making a joint donation of $50 or more you should request stations enter the second household member as a separate member as currently stations do not track second household members consistently.

Staff Member Eligibility

The national election supervisor will be sending a link to station staff with the most current staff list in order to assist in vetting the list by checking for members who are missing or who should not be included. The general managers at each station will have to approve final staff lists.

  1. If you are unpaid staff who completed 30 hours of programming work for your station between April 1st 2023 and June 30th 2023 you are eligible.
  2. If you are paid staff on payroll as of June 30th 2023 you are eligible.

Station membership departments


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Donor, Membership, Premium questions and concerns: Ext 610


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+ 1-713-526-5738 Option 1

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