Ground Rules for Election Events


• All election events must be open to all listeners and all candidates and must not promote one specific candidate or slate.

• MODERATOR: The election event (debate, forum or other format) must be run by a moderator, who does not act as a spokesman for the station or any individual candidate or candidate slate on the subjects discussed, but has the sole function of ensuring that the ground rules are observed.
• DISCLAIMER: At the beginning and end of the election event, the moderator must state that the views expressed are those of the candidates, not of the radio station or Pacifica Foundation, and that the sponsorship of the debate is not an endorsement by the sponsor of any candidate.
• The moderator must clearly explain the events format and time limits allotted to candidate statements or responses.
• All participants (Moderators / Hosts, Timekeepers, Board Operators, Candidates) must disclose, in writing, any affiliations with, and/or endorsements for, any candidates, or candidate slates to the National Election Supervisor using this form.
• There will be no substitutes or stand-ins for the candidates. In the event of absence, candidates can provide a 15 second statement (40 words) to be read by the moderator.
• Candidates will be introduced by their name.
• Random sequence can be generated by in order to decide the order of candidates’ responses.
• Candidates can bring notes, pad and pens for taking notes.
• Time should be equally allotted to candidates and stated clearly by the moderator.
• The candidates will not interrupt one another.

All participants must sign by completing the form located here:

You can also print out this form, sign and take a picture.