About Pacifica Foundation
Pacifica Radio (www.pacifica.org) is the oldest network of independently operated, non-commercial, community-based, listener-supported radio stations in the United States. The five member stations are KPFA (Berkeley, CA), KPFK (Los Angeles, CA), KPFT (Houston, TX), WPFW (Washington, D.C.), and WBAI (New York, NY). It is the only listener-supported, independent media network in which both listener-members and staff-members (paid and unpaid) have the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process with respect to the station’s budget, programming and policies via the local station board.

About the Election Process
Each Local Station Board (LSB) is composed of 24 delegates and 12 are elected to serve on the board each election cycle. These 12 delegates are elected to the board through two simultaneous elections, one among staff-members (staff elect 3 staff delegates) and one among listener-members (listeners elect 9 listener members).

Please visit the indexed Bylaws for more information about Pacifica Foundation. Information about Local Station Boards can be found under Article Seven.