WBAI Candidates & Statements

Below please find a list of verified candidates. These candidates will appear on the ballot, along with space for write-in(s).

***Local Election Supervisor Kihani Brea will be in studio on Friday, September 30th from 10am-2pm, 5pm-8pm and 9pm-11:59pm.**


*There were three people who attempted to receive a ballot by the September 30th deadline at WBAI but were unable to recieve their ballot on time. On October 8th, the National Election Supervisor was notified by a third-party of the names of those inviduals and efforts were made to allow those individuals to vote by noon on October 13th. The election at WBAI is closed.

PLEASE NOTE: Candidate Dacio Quintana formally withdrew as a candidate in the 2016 WBAI Delegate election.