Candidate Nomination Packet

Thank you for your interest in serving on your Local Station Board!

Nominations are now closed. The information below is for archival purposes only.

Once you provide your full contact information, you will be sent a login and password so you can create your Candidate Profile and download the Candidate Nomination Packet.

Your Candidate Nomination Packet will include a Cover Letter and Nomination Petition form(s), that must be submitted either in person or by scanning/emailing to your LES (see contact information below).

The packet also includes Pacifica’s Mission Station, the role of the Local Station Board (LSB), optional request for demographic information, and more.

Once you have created your Candidate Profile, you can enter your candidate statements (up to 500 words is required) and answer the optional questionnaire.

As a reminder, a member will be subject to the Fair Campaign Provisions, once the individual has requested or downloaded a nomination packet. If you did not download your packet as requested, but have already begun circulating nominating petitions, you are engaging in campaign activities and are therefore subject to the Fair Campaign Provisions.

A list of candidates will be provided to the station general manager and posted on the elections website as information is verified. Staff will be expected to check this list before scheduling any guests, or participating in a call-in show, etc. in order to assure compliance with the Fair Campaign Provisions.

For all Foundation and station staff and management, the Fair Campaign Provisions commence on June 1, 2016 with the opening of the nomination period, and apply to both active candidates and prospective candidates.

If you have any questions, please contact your Local Election Supervisor (LES):

KPFA: Earl Johnson, Jr,  les-kpfa2016@pacifica.org510 848 6767 x605

KPFK: Chance McKee (interim),

KPFT: Alma Viscarra,  les-kpft2016@pacifica.org832-930-3020

WBAI: Kihani Brea,, 646-535-4059

WPFW: David Levine, les-wpfw2016@pacifica.org240-343-5174

National Election Election Supervisor:, 510-409-4754


Local Election Supervisors will be in studio until 9pm (local station time) on June 30th to collect candidate submissions. The hours are as follows: WPFW 5pm-9pm EST. WBAI 9am-9pm EST. KPFT 5pm-9pm CST. KPFK from 3pm-9pm PST and KPFA from 4pm-9pm PST.