Election Timeline / 2019 Election Cycle

2019 LSB Election Timeline


April 1st, 2019 NES Hire

April-May Election Preparation

June 1-June 30 Nomination of Candidates Phase

Nomination phase extended till July 15th at WPFW.

June 30 Record Date for Voter Eligibility

July 10 Certification of Candidates

July 12-31 Candidate Debates & CART Video Sessions 

August 15 Balloting Phase Begins

October 7th  Last Day to Request Paper Ballots

October 15 Balloting Phase Closes

Nov 1 Results Announced


For more information visit: https://elections.pacifica.org

Contact the National Election Supervisor:

Email nes@pacifica.org or +15108549663 (to leave a message)


KPFA members will have the opportunity to serve on an election committee, whose

primary focus will be connecting with members at all stations who have not provided email addresses to the stations in order to facilitate their participation. Members at other stations may also help with that work remotely if they wish. More coming on that shortly.