NES Response to Fair Elections Complaint Filed 9-10-2019 KPFT

Complainant: Anonymous

The complainant alleges correctly that KPFT management did not put election information that the NES requested that KPFT place on The information was posted on September 3. Instructions were sent by the NES on August 11.

Discussion: KPFT management agrees that they did not post the required information and stated that new KPFT management did not have access to the website in order to do the posting. On receipt of the NES’s reminder, KPFT management posted the notice.

Ruling: The complainant is correct that KPFT management did not post the notice as instructed until three weeks after the instruction due to management turnover. KPFT management has rectified their error. Pacifica’s ED was notified of the management failure to follow the instructions of the ED and of the reason provided by KPFT management for their delay.