NES responses 2018 Election


  1. Can you please tell us how many people have voted so far in each of the Delegate elections and what percentage of quorum that is?


Quorum % voted Station City Election # # Cand’s Tot # Jan 30 19 Feb 8 19 Feb 15 19 Feb 20 19 Feb 26 19
N 8.1% KPFA Berkley, CA 1 17 Listeners 15,717 295 732 952 1,102 1,267
Y 32.4% 2 5 Staff 241 25 51 60 74 78
N 5.3% KPFK Los Angeles, CA 3 24 Listeners 14,394 183 430 553 657 756
N 17.0% 4 7 Staff 277 12 22 25 34 47
N 9.7% KPFT Houston, TX 5 14 Listeners 4,282 83 212 278 342 414
Y 32.8% 6 7 Staff 137 17 28 32 39 45
N 8.4% WBAI New York, NY 7 27 Listeners 6,804 70 348 420 479 570
N 20.4% 8 7 Staff 206 10 19 28 35 42
WPFW Washington, DC x Listeners X
N 24.2% 9 5 Staff 128 12 18 21 25 31
7.7% TOTAL 42,186 707 1,860 2,369 2,787 3,250
Listeners 10%
Staff 25%

  1. What can be done to increase promotion of the elections at stations in fund drive, to make sure we reach quorum by Mar. 5? I’m still hearing from members who don’t know the election is going on or who think it’s over. My station, KPFT, has been in fund drive for a week and this continues through March 3 (possibly longer as it appears the drive may fall considerably short of its goal). I don’t believe any candidate carts have been played since the start of the fund drive, and only a few announcements made by staff about the elections, with many of those only telling people to go to, which has minimal info on the Delegate elections and which requires people to click on at least two links (the first of which is not obvious at all) to find and the ballot request form.


I have requested the GM to add more information online on multiple occasions. I am not sure what the hold up is.

I have sent scripts out to all GMs and other interested parties to get board ops and show hosts to encourage voting and give info.

Here is a sample script:

KPFA Local Station Board Elections are underway and we encourage you to vote! Please look out for your electronic ballot from If you haven’t received a ballot write to the Election Supervisor by emailing Visit for more information. All ballots must be received by March 5th in order to be counted. The Elections Supervisor will be at KPFA between 12-2 PM on March 1 and 2 to facilitate those who have difficulty casting the electronic ballots.

Other efforts on my part

1 – customized email campaigns targeting members who have not yet voted coordinated with the e-ballot reminder sent out once per week on Wednesdays (4 campaigns sent out already to all 9 different station-elections)

2 – calls to members for who we have no email on file – I need a team to help with this – so far it has not materialized.

3 – technical assistance (in person and on the phone) to members who can no longer get an eBallot


  1. Can you please post the answers to the questions about the elections to and make sure all stations tell listeners how to find that, and also include a link to this in emails to members?


Yes I will post online.


  1. This may be more for our ED, but will all the stations’ member data bases be updated with the corrections/additional information regarding current e-mail and snail mail addresses that you have obtained, from ballot request forms and USPS snail mail address corrections? This will help a lot for the next election as well as for development/fund raising by our stations.


I will consolidate and send all stations the cleaned lists after the election.


  1. Number of people have been wondering how many replacement ballots (either paper or e-mail voting credentials) have been issued since the original mailing.
    • Around 500 valid requests
      • Of these 90% had either missed their ballot (they had received at least 1 e-ballot from Simply Voting) or had an old email on file
      • Approximately 10% were left off the original list – mostly households with 2nd ballot for spouse, or volunteers.